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Work with Land Consultants When Heading to Auction

When it comes to purchasing land, it’s better to know all the details right off the bat instead of flying in blind. You would never hire an untrained pilot to fly a plane. So why wouldn’t you hire someone well versed in all that comes with buying land and land up for auction? Here at Hansen Land Co., we make sure we know every detail about any piece of land for sale before we advise on purchasing. We understand the importance of this investment for you and your future and we want you to know everything there is to know to help you make an informed decision about land auctions in Alberta.

Auctioning land is an accelerated sales technique that bypasses all the stop-start decision making, but this means you should be aware of the specifics before attending an auction. The seller must provide what’s called a “due diligence checklist”, which puts any possible issues out in the open for potential buyers and should always be carefully investigated. Things such as flood, fire, or other disaster related damages, whether the buyer would be stepping into an owner’s corporation or if any recent renovations will have insurance coverage are included on this checklist for land auctions.

These are auction properties details that we at Hansen Land Co. look for! We are experienced researchers that regard your needs for auction properties with care. We value your time and we scope out potential auction properties in advance, taking restrictions, title searches, and right of way considerations very seriously in our hunt for your perfect property. Working with you to evaluate all pros and cons of auction land for sale is, believe it or not, something we really look forward to! We want all possible information to be in your court before we start talking target pricing for auction land for sale. Sometimes this means knowing when not to make the bid and to walk away. A smart bidder is an informed bidder, and we want you to feel confident to make a sound judgement-call when it comes to putting your hard earned money into a property!

The upside to purchasing land through an auction is that the seller is very motivated to sell their property, and auctioning omits negotiations and possible back outs. Working with experienced land consultants can make this process a breeze. Purchasing your new property should be an enjoyable affair! Let us at Hansen Land Co. help you invest in your future with land auctions in Alberta – give us a call at 1-888-652-7212. We won’t let you fly in blind when it comes to auction land for sale!

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