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Alberta’s Finest Lands Available For Bidding

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a first-time land buyer, our Land Auctions are your simple key to unlocking the doors to extraordinary opportunities in this incredible province. Start bidding, start winning, and invest in a prime piece of land.
When you’re considering selling, consider the Auction process. The oldest, fairest and most accurate “price discovery tool”.
The method dates back to the time when the Colonels in the United States, Civil War, would auction off the spoils of war to the soldiers who helped him with his victory… they say. Today, all the most valuable assets on the planet are transacted via the auction method, whether that is art, resources or commodities. The best of everything, be it cars or horses is sold at Auction. We’ve been selling land by Auction for more than 30 years now.

We’ve Been Doing This For The Past 30+ Years

Current and Completed Land Auctions In Alberta

The Swift & Transparent Way To Acquire or Market Your Land

Why Consider a Land Auction?

Find out how auctions offer competitive pricing and a simplified buying process:

Swift Transactions

Once the hammer falls, the land is SOLD, and you can move forward with your plans without delay.

Fair Pricing

No uncertainties about overpaying – our auctions ensure a fair and transparent process.

Excitement & Thrill

Let's face it – auctions are thrilling! The excitement of bidding against others, the anticipation of winning, and the satisfaction of securing your dream property make the process memorable and enjoyable.

Transparent Bidding Process

No hidden negotiations or surprises – just a straightforward and open approach that puts you in control of your investment.

Exclusive Access

Bidding in an auction allows you to tap into a unique pool of properties and potentially secure a gem that others might overlook.

”We had the opportunity to work with Wyatt, he was amazing! Very thorough and organized as well as very willing to help how ever he could. We highly recommend this organization for all your real estate needs.”

Mr. Rob B.

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Found the ideal piece of Alberta? Place your bids with confidence. Hansen Land Brokers ensures a seamless and secure bidding process.
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As the highest bidder, we make the transition to property ownership smooth and efficient. Finalize the acquisition.


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    The Hansen Land Broker Difference

    Experience our fair and transparent auction process. Our expert team guides sellers, buyers, and stakeholders to ensure a seamless auction experience.
    Here’s why you should find your land with us:

    Flexible approach

    Flexible approach

    We welcome direct sellers, sellers with agents, buyers, and buyers with agents, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

    Diverse property types

    Diverse property types

    While specializing in Agricultural  land sales, we also handle auctions for industrial, commercial and investment properties.

    Stakeholder satisfaction

    Stakeholder satisfaction

    We engage all parties involved, ensuring everyone leaves the auction process satisfied with the outcome.

    Impressive track record

    Impressive track record

    With a wealth of experience and a proven record of completed auctions, our team is highly knowledgeable and capable of selling your land in Alberta through the auction process.
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