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Auctions in Alberta

“Buy land, they ain’t making any more of the stuff”
-Will Rogers

Looking for land auctions and land sale opportunities? Hansen Land Brokers can help you get access to the best Alberta land auction investments available!

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Animal farming in Alberta encompasses a wide variety of industries and livestock, making it an attractive location for farmers looking to buy land. Whether it’s sheep and goats, hogs and pigs, beef, or dairy production. If you’re looking for farm auctions in Alberta, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped hundreds of other clients with the same search for land auctions & land for sale

With its acres of ranch land, adventurous landscapes, and beautiful surrounding metropolitan areas like Edmonton and Calgary, the attraction of Alberta for landowners is undeniable. Whether you are looking for acreage for your livestock as ranch land, or simply to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, we are your one-stop resource for acreages for sale in Alberta. 

We are your auction properties specialists!

Hansen Land Brokers Inc. has almost 30 years of experience in consulting with clients and brokering land purchases and farm auctions in Alberta. We’ve worked hard to maintain a solid reputation as experts in the auction properties field, and our clients have come to appreciate the information and strategies that we offer them when making their land purchases. Whatever your questions are in becoming a landowner in this beautiful place, we will work with you to find the answer you need.

Why shop Alberta Farm Auctions?

If you’re still not sure if buying land in Alberta through Alberta farm auctions is the right choice for you, consider some of these amazing benefits you’ll get as a landowner in the province: 

  • There is an enormous opportunity to raise animals, such as bees, horses, and other equines, along with cows, bulls, rabbits, and other fur-bearing animals, llamas, or deer. With an increasing interest in a self-sustaining lifestyle and “green” living, Alberta is the perfect place to bring your farmland or acreage dreams into reality. 
  • The production of animal products, such as milk and honey, can be a viable source of income developed from properties found in Alberta farm auctions. Not only do we help our clients find a great deal on beautiful land auctions and land for sale opportunities, but we also help them reach their goals of owning and running a farm or acreage. 
  • The Alberta land and climate are particularly known for their ability to grow wheat. Additionally, oilseed and grain are predominant in the area, making these auction properties prime land for anyone interested in growing these crops.

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“Having worked with Hansen Land Brokers successfully on both buying and selling real estate, Triovest appreciates their deep market knowledge and sensible advice. They use creativity to find solutions with their project-based approach to transactions.”

– Triovest Properties Inc.

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Whether you’ve just been researching or have made the decision to purchase a land-based asset in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, let us help you find your dream Alberta farmland. Let’s connect and chat about auction land for sale opportunities!