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A seedling being monitored by AI technology

AI in Farming–Is It a Smart Move for Farms in Alberta?

In this day and age, artificial intelligence is the name of the game. And as it continues to break barriers—not just in tech and manufacturing but also in agriculture—we can't help but take a step back and ask questions before ...
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Cattle grazing in Alberta's grasslands.

Thriving Pastures & Healthy Livestock: Grass Management Techniques for Alberta Ranchers

Here's one thing ranchers know to be true: Alberta's livestock industry is only as healthy as its pastures. It keeps animals well-fed and productive, the water clean and sustainably managed, and native wildlife thriving. So, before you think about buying ...
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Beef Up Your Knowledge: Discover Popular Cattle Breeds For Your Future Farm In Alberta

Alberta has a long history of cattle raising and is home to some of the best herds in North America. So if you're looking for grazing land or a large farm for sale, this abundant province should be your top ...
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A thriving farmland for potential buyers

Key Data For Farm and Ranch Buyers: Exploring Recent Farmland Value Trends In Alberta

Farmland values are an essential indicator of Canada's health of the land market. That’s why it’s important to explore recent trends in farmland values across Alberta and other provinces to better understand how farms and ranches are valued for sale ...
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Several buyers raising their hands to bid at a land auction.

Signing Up for A Land Auction in Alberta? Remember These Dos and Don’ts

Auctions are a great way to score great deals—if you come prepared. Bidding against others for a big purchase such as land can be intimidating, so it helps to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the process.  Take ...
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a picturesque farmland with a red farmhouse and a black and white house nestled on a hill

Purchasing Land? Here’s How to Apply for Loan in Canada

When it comes to purchasing land, time is your friend.  Unlike volatile investments such as stocks and bonds, the trajectory of land’s value steadily increases as time passes. And if you find one in a good location and buy it ...
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Shawn Hansen sitting in his office

CREB 2021 – Long Service Recognition

Shawn Hansen Awarded In CREB 2021’s Long Service Recognition Calgary, AB – The Calgary Real Estate Board or CREB®   awarded Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers of High River Alberta for his 30 years of long-standing commitment to CREB ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Summing Up Summer - Cover

Summing Up Summer

Summer is over and I don’t even know how it happened. Do you remember, as a kid, when summers lasted an eternity?  When every glorious day was a small lifetime and there were so many things you could do?  When ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - What You Need to Know About Nature and Land Conservancy - Cover

What You Need to Know About Nature and Land Conservancy

As a highly urbanized nation, Canada is home to rich biodiversity. With rapid development, comes environmental responsibility through conservation.  Canada’s beauty lies in its diverse landscapes – metropolitan areas to charming coastal towns, grasslands, and prairies to soaring mountains. No ...
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Hansen Land - Snag a Good Deal: 5 Tips On How To Buy Commercial Real Estate - Cover

Snag a Good Deal: 5 Tips On How To Buy Commercial Real Estate

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that commercial real estate can be an excellent investment. The tail end of the pandemic created opportunities for savvy investors to buy low and sell high, and as the world starts ...
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