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What Does A Land Broker Do?

Hansen Land Brokers - What Does A Land Broker Do?

Hansen Land – What Does A Land Broker Do?

Hansen Land Brokers is a prime figure in Farm Auctions in Alberta. Being esteemed land brokers, they have an important role in the negotiation, purchase, and land sales in Alberta. Land brokers are better equipped than unspecialized real estate agents to handle the transactions of huge parcels of land that may vary in complexity.

What Does It Take To Be A Broker For Farm Auctions In Alberta?

To be able to perform their roles professionally and be efficient in land sales in Alberta, land brokers need to possess a high level of knowledge on the local region as well as zoning issues. Land brokering is a wide yet specialized niche in Alberta’s real estate sector. There are many factors to consider when evaluating Alberta Land For Sale such as environmental elements, topographical influences, the distance and accessibility of amenities, utilities, and roads as well as potential adverse elements such as future building plans and investment opportunities.

Getting Familiar With The Variety Of Alberta Land For Sale

Hansen Land Brokers deal with different types of land transactions. These include transition or early development stages, undeveloped tracts, ranches and farms, site location, and assembling parcels. Every land transaction is unique and demands a set of specialized skills. 

Some of the land transactions are such as:

  • Ranches and Farms:
    • For a land broker to successfully broker Land For Sale in Southern Alberta, he needs to have the correct information that will help him accurately establish the current value of the land. Knowledge of certain elements such as crop rotation, grazing methods, environmental protection, government leases, weather cycles, and so on is extremely vital.
  • Farm Auctions Alberta:
    • It is a very unique situation to have a land broker that also holds a license as an auction broker. Auctions are a tried and true way of effectively selling assets, including land, during a variety of market conditions. Selling a farm by auction is often handled by auction houses without a real estate license. In such cases, the seller may not have every advantage of ensuring that his property is marketed optimally and that he/she is getting the best exposure possible to ensure a successful sale.
  • Undeveloped Tracts:
    • A key aspect to successfully brokering Land For Sale in Southern Alberta is to have powerful negotiation skills in a corporate environment. Brokering undeveloped tracts like those situated near urban regions that are rapidly developing requires in-depth knowledge of the area’s business patterns and trends, the growth projection of the urban region, regulations of land use, area structural development plans from the municipality, and costs for developing. 
  • Subdivision:
    • When a land broker specializes in the subdivision of Alberta Land For Sale it basically means that they will buy undeveloped land in Alberta, get the necessary approvals, subdivide the land and put up utilities, infrastructure, and roads. Thereafter, they will put it up as a Farm Auction or sell the land to builders who will put up buildings for commercial or living purposes. For successful subdivision transactions, the specialized team of land experts at Hansen Land Brokers has sufficient knowledge of rural and commercial property and marketing expertise that enables them to successfully close ALL deals.
  • Site Location and Assembling Parcels:
    • When performing this type of transaction, the land broker is required to identify parcels of land for an identified buyer or project. The land broker negotiates with different landowners to purchase adjacent land that will be enough for the buyer or project.
  • Transition or Early Development Stages:
    • A significant feature of transacting transition or early development land is the mix of deserted building sites and tracts that have been put aside for different projects. The plan for the tract being predetermined allows the land brokers to be aware of the economic feasibility of the accredited uses as well as the expected costs of development. Hansen Land Brokers is always updated on current trends and is well informed of the government incentives as well as tax implications so as to ensure that the most ideal agreement is reached for both parties. 


Exceptional communication skills both written and oral, powerful negotiation skills, impeccable organizational skills, as well as the capacity to manage B2B or B2C are very important to have as a land broker.

Specialized education is fundamental to be successful in this role. In addition to relevant licensing, sufficient experience, knowledge in geography, land management, sales, environmental aspects, economics, and lastly, the countless number of partnerships created throughout the years will set one apart from the rest of the brokers.

Hansen Land Brokers are here to facilitate any and all land sales in Alberta including Farm Auctions, and they also have an auctioneer license. Our expert brokers are here to assist you with any questions and concerns as well as provide you with a quote for our services, contact us today or visit our Auctions Page for more information!

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