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Things to Consider Before Buying a Ranch

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Alberta Ranch For Sale

Buying a foothills ranch for sale or similar property in Alberta for agricultural purposes can be a complicated process, especially since a lot of research is involved before the purchase is made. 

If you are in the process of considering an Alberta ranch for sale or farm auction in Alberta, here are some important steps you’ll need to take to ensure your investment is a sound one. For more information, you can access a legal guide with more specific details relating to your purchase. 

Hansen Land Brokers - Things to Consider Before Buying a Ranch

Hansen Land Brokers – Things to Consider Before Buying a Ranch

Check zoning details 

You should examine all zoning details before any final purchase of an Alberta ranch for sale. If you plan to raise livestock on your ranch, it’s important to make sure your property is zoned for the particular animals you will be raising. Local planning and zoning departments should have this information. Specific zoning regulations relating to easements are another important consideration. You’ll want to know the locations of any existing pipelines and power lines on the property, as well. 


View the parcel map 

Looking over the parcel map will give you the data needed regarding the location of current easements and whether the property is landlocked. If it is, you’ll need to obtain legal permission from a neighboring property owner to use his property to get to yours if you don’t want to run into any future problems related to access. 


Find out which rights are included in a foothills ranch for sale

If you plan to have livestock when deciding to purchase a foothills ranch for sale, access to clean, healthy water is important in your ranch purchase. For this reason, be sure to research any pipeline easements or mineral rights granted for your property. The water and soil of land that has been mined or contains pipelines could be negatively affected. Also, since mineral rights can be given to an individual who doesn’t own the land, you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of any current leases that might be in effect. If there are mineral rights leases given for your property, check to see if there is a surface lease, and if so, what the terms are. All of these details could end up affecting your use of the property. 

Another important thing before making a decision regarding a farm auction in Alberta is to check into riparian rights, which are the rights of landowners to use water that is on or runs through their property. This includes any bodies of water, such as ponds or creeks. 

Hansen Land Brokers - Things to Consider Before Buying a Ranch

Order the necessary inspections and tests 

Any buildings that are on the property should be completely inspected to ensure their integrity. You’ll also want to ensure that the septic system (if applicable) is inspected and in working order. If there isn’t one but you’ll have to have a tank installed, a percolation test is required to make sure that system will be supported. Especially if you plan to grow food on the land, a soil test is likewise essential. 


Find the right lender  

Some lenders will not work with buyers who plan to purchase land for agricultural or livestock purposes, so make sure that your lender makes loans on ranches, farms, or rural properties. Find a lender who makes loans on ranch or rural properties. Your agent or broker should be able to direct you to the right company. 


Find the right broker

When buying land for sale, it helps to have professionals in your corner that can help you navigate such difficult terrain. Our brokers at Hansen Land are here to help you make all the best decisions when considering farm auctions in Alberta or an Alberta ranch for sale. Contact us today for more details.  

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