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The Specialty of Selling and Purchasing Rural Property in Alberta

The Specialty of Selling and Purchasing Rural Property in Alberta

Selling and purchasing Alberta acreages for sale outside of urban centers has additional challenges from those of in-town property, and it requires specific knowledge in order to facilitate the acquisition of these often larger parcels when buying land in Alberta

Alberta Ranch For Sale - Hansen Land Services

Alberta Ranch For Sale – Hansen Land Services

First of all, the way in which a broker undertakes the assessment of current market value when buying land in Alberta is based on a complete understanding of the location in proximity to various contributing factors of value: Road access, possible use of the land for sale, topography, the availability of water, quality of water, utilities, environmental concerns, wildlife, future development potential, rights of way, surface leases, zoning, soil quality, distance to amenities, and so on.

Site improvements in the way of houses, outbuildings, infrastructure for agricultural or industrial use are taken into consideration based on criteria other than just replacement costs when considering Alberta acreages for sale. Varied uses contribute differently to the way in which parcels of land for sale can be packaged. Alberta ranches for sale are theoretically carefully assembled collections of connecting parcels of land that can handle a cattle operation. This is typically a combination of wild grass pastures, some hayland, and varied topography with a mix of trees and a good water supply that can adequately support the safe and healthy fostering of a strong herd. Alberta’s grain farms are ideally set up in an area with a fairly reliable amount of precipitation to support the growth of high yielding crops. When buying land in Alberta, recreational land for sale is popular in the Foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. These lands are rich with vegetation, surface water, and widely varied topography to support the wildlife and to increase the enjoyment of the land while exploring on foot, or ATV, or horseback.

Lastly, there are many factors involved in Alberta acreages for sale like taxations not applicable to residential homes. Capital gains, GST, and corporate taxes require the involvement of lawyers, accountants, and specialized estate planning. The liability of working in such a highly specialized field requires professionals that understand the process and are capable of negotiating terms and conditions that are favorable to the seller and purchaser. Land brokers require training or ample experience specific to the industry in order to adequately represent their clients. 


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