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The Benefits of Selling Land at Auctions

Hansen Land Brokers - The Benefits of Selling Land at Auctions

When selling your land, or potentially looking for an investment, there are a number of options to consider when choosing a method of sale. Most of these methods can be costly & time-consuming.

Land auctions in Alberta can often be a fantastic way for buyers and sellers to sell or acquire new pieces of land in Alberta. Participating in an auction can be an exciting and productive method for locating land for sale in Alberta and there are a number of benefits to using this method as a way of selling your land.

For example, farm auctions in Alberta are excellent places for budding ranchers and farmsteaders to buy plots of land to extend their operations and realize their dreams.

In this article, we will cover some of the benefits you can gain by utilizing land auctions in Alberta to further your land purchasing portfolio.


Deposit Secured

When using land auctions in Alberta there is a requirement as part of the auctioning system that a deposit is put down by the winning bidder.

By using Hansen Land Brokers, we will ensure that all transactions are accounted for and monitored on your behalf.  You have the assurance that the deposit is held in Trust and all paperwork is managed by professional real estate professionals related to your transaction.


Bidding Raises Prices

Land auctions in Alberta are competitive markets, with the potential to gain huge profits in the right situations.

When looking for land for sale in Alberta, buyers will flock to auctions in the hopes of striking a good deal. When at the auction house, your bid could potentially become part of a bidding war, in which bidders will often be compelled to bid higher than their competitors in order to obtain their desired purchase.

This can often lead to impressive sales, which in all cases, Hansen Land Brokers will be here to assist you.

Transparency and Efficiency

Transparency has to be one of the best reasons for you to consider putting your land up for sale in Alberta via the land auctions or farm auctions process.

The convenience of online auctions can’t be overstated. This setup allows buyers to take part in the auction from the comfort of their home and purchase land with clear prices on show. You can see the bids as they are input making it easy to track your sales.

Finding land for sale in Alberta has never been easier than in this setup. The transactions, handled by us at Hansen Land Brokers are often completed within 28 days of the winning bid. This ensures that the transfer of land ownership is smooth and without delays.

Hansen Land Brokers are specialists in the sale and conveyance of land for sale in Alberta. We have worked in Alberta farm auctions as well as other Alberta based land auctions for many years, honing our skills as a professional service for those looking to sell their property, without the stressful process of negotiations and paperwork

For all your land brokerage needs, Hanson Land Brokers are here to make it easy, contact us today!

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