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The Benefits of DocuSign & Electronic Signatures

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Electronic signatures have become a prominent feature in most business transactions including real estate. As a trustworthy land broking firm, Hansen Land Brokers embraces the latest technological trends in the land industry to ensure that our transactions are efficient and transparent to all parties involved. E-signatures are part of the technological advances in many industries that add value to processes so that you get full ownership of the acreage you purchase, instead of going through a tiring process of waiting and signing up a series of papers in person. We choose a reliable e-signature service provider based on their security levels, their verification process, encrypted data storage, and their mode of delivery. We do this to protect our clients and ourselves from any future issues from any electronic signing process. 


DocuSign As An Electronic Signature Service Provider

There are numerous e-signature companies in the market that offer a secure platform for e-signatures. DocuSign is a credible company that helps businesses handle all electronic contracts. It is more recognized in the land and real estate industry due to its partnerships with national land associations and the diverse features it offers to facilitate a smooth and transparent transaction process. Security is one of the top priorities DocuSign enables as it uses robust data encryption technologies and employs bank-grade security to receive and send documents. 


Benefits Of Electronic Signatures In The Land Industry

Going digital greatly streamlines the land transaction process as the time-consuming process of printing documents and filling them is automated. Some of the advantages of e-signatures include:

Accuracy In Form Filling

E-signatures ensure that all documents are wholly and duly filled out before submission. This not only saves time on waiting or returning incomplete forms to be filled again, but it also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the transaction process. 


If you need a solid security element to be the seal of your contract, then e-signature is the way to go. It is impossible to forge electronic signatures. If there are any doubts, there is always a digital audit trail to settle the disputes. This trail is like an electronic record of the document that will give details of every action taken, such as when it was downloaded, opened, and signed. It can also provide the location of the parties involved who handled the document.

Document Tracking

Sending hard copies of your document and waiting for feedback can be nerve-wracking. E-signatures remove all anxiety linked to this process as you can track the movement and note all the actions taken on the documents. 

Saves On Resources

E-signatures is a quick and secure approach that eliminates obstacles such as printing and posting papers, which can frequently cause delays in different land asset procedures. Electronic signatures can shorten the time it takes to sign many documents at the same time. When one party signs the document, it reaches the owner or the person who must sign next to complete the transaction in just seconds. This is a great advantage, especially in specific land contracts that may be time-sensitive.

E-Signatures also save on resources such as document storage costs for both parties and commuting costs since there will be no need to go from one place to another to fill and sign documents. 

Offers Mobility

For all land brokers and agents, there is an easability of getting your documents or agreements signed at any place and time. E-signature offers remote flexibility as it supports cloud computing, enabling agents and potential landowners to sign from anywhere, even if they are on a beach on vacation. 

Simple and Easy Process

E-signature can be accessed from anywhere and at any time over the internet. A good platform such as DocuSign will provide all the services needed, such as uploading files and providing a highly-secured delivery link to ensure that the recipients receive, sign, and send back the documents in an easy and smooth transitional process. 


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Are E-Signatures Legal In Canada?

E-signatures are legally accepted in Canada and have become an integral element in almost all land transactions. They are used to sign leases, all agreements linked to the land sale, and any document to show interest or transfer of land. 

E-signatures are legally binding, just like the traditional manual signing of papers, as long as all legal requirements for the contract or agreement are met, and all the parties involved consent to the use of electronic signatures, the signature is iron clad and acts as a stamp of consent for all parties involved.

However, there might be some restrictions in specific documents that need to be reviewed by the governing Land offices. We will advise you of any present limitations for your particular case.


Steps We Take To Ensure That E-signature Processes Benefit Our Clients

You are not obliged to sign any contract or document electronically. You still have the option of signing hard copies of all the relevant documents. However, if you choose to go the electronic way, these are some of the things we prioritize to ensure that the process works for you. 

Legal Implications 

Since e-signatures are legally binding, we will explain all Canadian laws including provincial ones relatable to the e-signatures. 

Document Review

We will not make you sign anything that you are not comfortable with or have little understanding of. We will go through the documents with you and review each section to ensure you are adequately informed before you sign.

Platform Access

It may take time to understand the features of DocuSign, however, our team is here to help you during each step of your land sale journey. We recommend exploring and navigating the platform so that you get familiar with DocuSign. To achieve this, we will explain how the platform works and guide you on accessing and reviewing the documents.

Constant Communication

Here at Hansen Land Brokers, communication is paramount, especially when it comes to e-signing. Once you receive the documents, we are open to answer any concerns or questions you may have before and after you sign the papers.

The process of purchasing land requires a series of steps that may take some time or prove overwhelming to some. E-signatures ensure all our transactions are successful and complete while upholding confidence. As a trustworthy land broker, we only use a secure platform that will not take ownership of or share or sell our client’s information from any transaction we conduct to private third parties. Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about our services or processes or if you have any questions on e-signatures. 

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