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Summing Up Summer

Summer is over and I don’t even know how it happened. Do you remember, as a kid, when summers lasted an eternity?  When every glorious day was a small lifetime and there were so many things you could do?  When you couldn’t wait to be grown up?  Yeah, adulting isn’t that fun. LOL!  Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like being the boss of me and deciding what I have to do today.  My kids appreciate that bossiness a little less. Hahaha! Time just goes faster and faster, no matter how much I wish it would slow down, no matter how many times I tell myself that next week will be quieter….

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Rea Croteau Jr coming out of the infield on his way to an aggregate win
at High River Ag Society’s Battle of the Foothills in July.

Summer, as for many, is a very busy time of year for me. As president of our local ag society, I was at the rodeo grounds a lot.  Our dedicated little crew managed to pull off a very successful pro rodeo the end of June (Guy Weadick Rodeo – results) and then a great 4 days of WPCA chuckwagon racing in July with Battle of the Foothills.  Not least of all our events, our summer kicks off with Little Britches Rodeo on May long weekend and we had a fantastic turnout for that!  A huge thank you to all the people who came out and bought tickets, sponsored one of our events, or volunteered their precious time.  We are a not-for-profit charitable organization and none of these things would be possible without the amazing people in and around our community.

We did manage to pull off both those events in 2021, as well, but things looked a little different after COVID and this year felt a whole lot more like it used to.  The atmosphere was vibrant, and we are excited to do it again in 2023!

The road to the Canadian Finals Rodeo is a long way from done, yet, but an update in CPRA Rodeo Canada Standings has some close races for first in saddle bronc, barrels and ladies breakaway roping.  To top it all off, a quick review of the standings will show there are local contenders in almost every event. Yahoo!

Hansen Land Brokers - Summing Up Summer - 2

Team MacGillivray accepts the cheque for Tour Champions at Century Downs.

The  World Professional Chuckwagon Association has just wrapped up their year at the end of August with Layne MacGillivray coming away the victor for the season.  He became tour champion with a record breaking 1500 points and was 90 points ahead of his nearest rival.  To say myself and my committee are excited for Layne and his family is an understatement!

Not to be outdone, Kris Molle won the Winner’s Zone Championship Playoffs with a track record time of 1:21:59, earning a nice little cheque to put in the bank for his family.

A little closer to home, our aggregate champion at the  Battle of the Foothills in July was Rae Croteau Jr. with 4 nights of clean, fast racing.  Congratulations to all who headed down the road this summer with a trailer full of horses and tanks full of fuel.  It’s such hard work, but so rewarding when all your efforts make goals into reality.

I briefly mentioned it above, but all these events are run on volunteer power.  If you love rodeo, chuckwagons or just the western lifestyle, and you’d like to give back to your community, please check in with your local Ag Society.  We’d always love to host more events, but without enough bodies, it gets very tiring.  The old adage, many hands make light work, is still true today.  New people have a fresh perspective on things, and that can be good for new and old ideas, too. For a list of Ag Society’s in Alberta check out our governing body Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies.

See you soon!

Tanya Froh


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