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Ranching In Alberta: The Move You Need!

Ranching In Alberta

Alberta ranching has a long and prosperous history, in the 1860s the Canadian government encouraged ranchers to move their cattle out onto the pastures of “new frontier.”

Nowadays ranching is more accessible than ever before and let’s face it, if there is an idyllic place to move to within Canada, you can’t beat Alberta. With stunning alpine forests and the Rocky Mountains at your doorstep, it’s the ideal place to find options when considering a search for an Alberta ranch for sale, by looking through our choices of land you may just find the perfectly located Foothills ranch for sale.

Hansen Land - Ranching In Alberta

Hansen Land – Ranching In Alberta

So Why Choose The Alberta Ranching Life?

The ranching business is complex, finding the right land for either cattle or crops can often be a challenge. Too often we find limited parcels of land unsuitable for grazing cattle due to their size, quality, or location. You may find what you are looking for in Canada’s fourth-largest province, standing at over 661,000 km squared, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to looking for your dream Alberta ranch for sale.

With the awe-inspiring landscape available to potential land buyers, it’s little wonder as to why Alberta is becoming the interprovincial mecca of all the Canadian provinces. Its lush lands, set in the base of the Rocky Mountains contain some of the most fertile soils in the province, allowing for crop growth and lush grazing pastures for your potential livestock. Depending on your location within the province, rainfall can vary greatly. Finding a foothills ranch for sale, with good grassland and dependable rainfall is the goal of every selective ranch-minded land buyer.

To the south, the rolling hills and flat prairies are perfect for sheep, goats, and even the majestic bison, which has made a positive return in the last few years. 

The southern and northern parts of Alberta have long held a history of mixed farming. This is a healthy balance of both agricultural crops harvesting as well as ranching due to the fair-weather conditions throughout the year. Most of the south-eastern portion of the province relies on irrigation for cropland. The lower levels of precipitation mean that the grasses are not as lush as in areas where they typically have more rainfall. The grass in these regions is a more hardy variety of grass. Ranchers will require more land for grazing in these areas as it will not support as many cattle and overgrazing will stunt the regrowth of the grasses for years.

Hansen Land - Ranching In Alberta

Hansen Land – Ranching In Alberta

A New Life Re-Imagined

Alberta Ranching could be the next big step towards living a more fulfilling and wholesome life, only in people’s dreams could they sit on their front porch gazing out over the vast swathes of the land that they own, whilst their livestock grazes happily out on the open pasture. It’s a little cliché you might think, but that’s what you and your family could have if you choose to make the move to Alberta and purchase an Alberta ranch for sale.

Whether it’s a beautiful foothills ranch for sale or a large parcel of land to realize your other dreams of farming or recreation, our brokers have all the knowledge you need to get started. Contact us to get in touch today!

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