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How Do US and Canadian Farms Compare?

Interested in land for sale in Alberta? If the past five years have shown us anything, it’s that there has never been a better time to be a farmer in Canada, especially compared to the American market. We found this handy article published by Tom Eisenhauer, ICD.D, President & CEO at Bonnefield Financial Inc. that explains how agriculture in the USA has faltered, whereas Canadian farmers have flourished. Be sure to read the contents if you are interested in investing in farm land for sale – it could definitely assist you in making decisions for buying land in the foreseeable future:

It is a testament to the attractiveness of farmland as an investment asset, that US farmland values have not declined significantly since 2013, despite big declines in farm incomes. Farmers, after all, don’t react to short-term commodity price swings by selling land that is the cornerstone of their long-term business…In Canada, however, steadily increasing farm incomes have led to steadily increasing farmland values since 2014, in line with long-term historic averages of 6% to 8% per year.

This news bodes well for property owners looking for land for sale opportunities and those who are in the position to buy land to expand their property portfolio. Canadians farmland has consistently proven its value throughout the years. This makes investing in farm land for sale in areas such as Alberta all the more rewarding. Feel free to reach out to the Hansen team if you’re looking into farmland for sale or if you are interested in buying land or any other kind of property – we’re always happy to help with questions regarding land for sale!

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