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Enhanced Oil Recovery and Alberta

Are you interested in land for sale in Alberta? The below news flash should definitely be considered, especially if you are planning to buy land in this area or if you are interested in investing in farm land for sale in the foreseeable future:

Almost ten years after it was initially proposed, the discussion about a pipeline to transport carbon within Alberta have resumed. Talks of using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery are now underway, with its benefits to Alberta and Canada brought to the forefront. They estimate that with this program, we could see certain scenarios in which 10-15% more oil is extracted.

“The political climate provincially and federally has shifted away from carbon capture and storage but the study’s conclusion that CO2 for EOR is a valid part of the climate change solution is still relevant, said Duncan Kenyon, Pembina’s program director of responsible fossil fuels.

Industries that are among the biggest generators of jobs and wealth in the Canadian economy — think energy, fertilizer, chemicals, cement and steel — also produce the biggest emissions, he said. Capturing the CO2 and storing it underground doesn’t provide the revenue needed to make such programs financially sustainable.”

With this announcement, you are likely concerned about how viable buying land or even investing in farm land for sale could be; however, as your trusted land broker, we can advise you on the current status of land for sale in Alberta and assist you with any questions you might have about buying land.

Investing farm land for sale is an exciting opportunity to expand your property portfolio – contact us today if you are based in Alberta and interested in land for sale in the area.

*Read more about Enhanced Oil Recovery here.

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