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Canada Asia Synergy Group

As experts land brokers, we pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse on land for sale and farms for sale opportunities in Alberta. When we advise our clients on buying land, we do so fueled by years of expertise – something that our company President is a testament to.

You may not know that our very own Shawn Hansen, Associate Broker and President of Hansen Land Brokers is also a Board Member of Canada Asia Synergy Group(CASG).

CASG is a team of industry, government, and academic leaders with extensive knowledge and expertise in international business. They continually meet with overseas investors seeking out partnership opportunities. Shawn’s personal mission is to find those who would like to invest in land-based assets here in Alberta.

CASG helps identify foreign investment opportunities and address’ investor challenges. With its significant blend of expertise and strong business relationships, CASG manages a broad range of transactions across many sectors.

Shawn visited China this past fall with other board members from CASG. He has developed an informative presentation for foreign investors on how they can purchase real estate here in Canada and works tirelessly in finding appropriate projects that can produce a win-win between local sellers and foreign buyers.

This expertise is evident in our expertise in advising clients on farms for sale opportunities and the benefits of buying farm land for sale in Alberta. Contact us today if you are ready to team up with a land broker that will assist you in navigating the farm land for sale landscape in Alberta – buying land might just be the opportunity you have been looking for!

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