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invest land

Why Invest in Land?

Expanding your assets by owning real estate is a strategy we’ve all heard before, but what about investing in a piece of land? It’s not uncommon to hear warnings from our fellows that investing in land might not be worthwhile ...
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Oil Recovery and Alberta

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Alberta

Are you interested in land for sale in Alberta? The below news flash should definitely be considered, especially if you are planning to buy land in this area or if you are interested in investing in farm land for sale ...
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purchase a piece of land

Which Type of Land Are You Investing In?

Whether you’ve decided to purchase a piece of land as a development opportunity or you’re investing in the future of yourself and your family, owning land is an asset that’s becoming more and more attractive. You don’t have to be ...
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Land Consultants When Heading to Auction

Work with Land Consultants When Heading to Auction

When it comes to purchasing land, it’s better to know all the details right off the bat instead of flying in blind. You would never hire an untrained pilot to fly a plane. So why wouldn’t you hire someone well ...
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Farms Compare

How Do US and Canadian Farms Compare?

Interested in land for sale in Alberta? If the past five years have shown us anything, it’s that there has never been a better time to be a farmer in Canada, especially compared to the American market. We found this ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - alberta grazing lease for sale

What is Alberta Moving Towards?

Are you interested in Alberta farms for sale? The debate about which industry is more advantageous to Alberta’s economic growth is, to no one’s surprise, a nose-to-nose race between oil and agriculture. Both are such prominent and iconic industries of ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - alberta grazing lease for sale

Hansen Land Co. at RLI’s National Land Conference 2018

Last month, Hansen land brokers had the pleasure of participating in the RLI’s National Land Conference with other innovative and passionate land brokers, such as Monte Van Kooten, owner of the Sterling Land Company in Illinois. The annual National Land ...
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