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Hansen Land Brokers - Factors to consider before putting up your land for sale - Cover

Factors To Consider Before Putting Up Your Alberta Land For Sale

Owning a piece of property can be an exciting experience for any person or family. But as life goes on and changes happen, there may come a time where it becomes necessary or advantageous to sell your land that has ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - APEX Award - Shawn Hansen - Cover

Shawn Hansen Of Hansen Land Brokers Awarded Prestigious APEX RLI – Top 20 National Producer Award!

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers Inc. in High River, Alberta, has been named to the Realtors® Land Institute's APEX 2020 Top 20 National Producer as part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program. Shawn was one of a few ...
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Hansen Land - Edmonton Land Sales - Cover

Benefits Of Partnering With A Reputable Land Broker When It Comes To Edmonton Land Sales

There's a reason why the vast number of real estate and land buyers and sellers employ the services of an experienced agent when buying or selling a house, commercial property, vacant piece of land, or a farm or acreage. These ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Vacant Land Alberta

How To Make The Most Out Of Vacant Land In Alberta?

It’s easy to let your mind wander about all the fantastic opportunities for making money from vacant land in Alberta, even just a tiny plot of land. What a delight it is to daydream about the independence of self-employment, the ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Benefit of Docusign

The Benefits of DocuSign & Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures have become a prominent feature in most business transactions including real estate. As a trustworthy land broking firm, Hansen Land Brokers embraces the latest technological trends in the land industry to ensure that our transactions are efficient and ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Land Investments

Is Buying Land A Good Investment?

The most typical question that a person considering purchasing land in Alberta may have, is if there is an assurance of a favourable return on the investment that they are about to make? Few investments can be labelled as solid, ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Little Britches Rodeo

Hansen Land Brokers Is A Proud Sponsor Of The 2021 Little Britches Rodeo!

Little Britches Rodeo is a GO!!!!!  This Saturday, June 12, Hansen Land Brokers is excited to announce that the Little Britches tradition will be continuing! While this is not High River Ag Society’s first rodeo, it could be the first ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - What Does A Land Broker Do?

What Does A Land Broker Do?

Hansen Land - What Does A Land Broker Do? Hansen Land Brokers is a prime figure in Farm Auctions in Alberta. Being esteemed land brokers, they have an important role in the negotiation, purchase, and land sales in Alberta. Land ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - The Benefits of Selling Land at Auctions

The Benefits of Selling Land at Auctions

When selling your land, or potentially looking for an investment, there are a number of options to consider when choosing a method of sale. Most of these methods can be costly & time-consuming. Land auctions in Alberta can often be ...
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Hansen Land Brokers- Ranching In Alberta

Ranching In Alberta: The Move You Need!

Ranching In Alberta Alberta ranching has a long and prosperous history, in the 1860s the Canadian government encouraged ranchers to move their cattle out onto the pastures of “new frontier.” Nowadays ranching is more accessible than ever before and let’s ...
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