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Hansen Land Brokers - The Fencing Act

The Fencing Act

The Line Fence Act The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly About Owning Fenced-in Land in Alberta A question that often comes up for landowners, or anyone interested in acreages for sale in Alberta, is the legislation surrounding The Line ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - To Buy or Not to Buy Land For Sale

Millennial Land Buyers: To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Question

To Buy or Not to Buy - That Is The Question There’s a new trend among Canadian Millennials that might come as a surprise to some but makes complete sense in an era focused on greener lifestyles and a return ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - What Do Land Surveyors Do?

What Do Land Surveyors Do?

Land Surveying It is often said that the work of a land surveyor is never done. As long as there is land, we will need these helpful professionals to help sort out what our land really equates to. If you ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Alberta Township System

Alberta Township Systems – What is it and how it works

What is the Alberta Township System? Alberta Township System is a land survey system used in Alberta to divide land into one square mile sections. It is based on the Dominion Land Survey (DLS) system that was implemented elsewhere in ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Expropriation legislation (the term used in Canada) is eminent domain. Eminent domain is where the government can seize property if it determines that the land is needful for expanding a roadway or whatever else it needs at any ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Squatters Rights - Alberta

What You Need to Know about Squatter’s Rights in Alberta

Squatter’s Rights in Alberta In 1999, Robert Woodard of Southern Alberta bought ranch land in the Cardston region. Like any responsible landowner, he paid his taxes and didn’t imagine that 15 years later, he’d lose possession of 10 acres of ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Reasons to Consider Auction

Reasons to Consider Auction

You did it, you made the big decision to sell! With the hard part of deciding out of the way, there are several options you can choose during the selling process that will make it work in your favour. Selling ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Land For Sale

How Do Our Expert Land Brokers Help You?

When we seek advice about something we aren’t familiar with, we look to an expert. You wouldn’t hire someone under-qualified to repair your car or home so why would you hire someone without expertise and experience when it comes to ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - Land For Sale Rise in Alberta Farmland Value

Rise in Alberta Farmland Value

2013 might have been a wild year for the value of Alberta farms for sale and buying land, but a new article from Alberta Farm Express shows that those values for farmland for sale have doubled in the past five ...
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Canada Asia Synergy Group

Canada Asia Synergy Group

As experts land brokers, we pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse on land for sale and farms for sale opportunities in Alberta. When we advise our clients on buying land, we do so fueled by years of ...
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