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Hansen Land - One Hail of a Storm - Cover

One Hail of a Storm

Alberta is a haven for storm chasers in the summer months, especially after solstice, as we have some of the most epic hailstorms in the world.  Not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but there you have it.  ...
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Billionaires are Investing in Farmland and Here’s Why

When it comes to investment choices and opportunities, we all look to billionaires for guidance. After all, they have the funds to make virtually any investment they want and they usually have a team of experts to help them make ...
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Hansen Land - Buying Land In The Metaverse - Cover

Do You Need Land Brokers To Buy Land In The Metaverse?

Virtual reality real estate is now one of the most in-demand assets available. According to studies, virtual land sales in 2021 topped $500 million. To add to that, around $85 million worth of virtual property was sold in January 2022 ...
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Hansen Land - 4-h whats the big deal - Cover

4-H – What’s the Big Deal?

All right, so if you live in a rural area of the prairies, you’d probably need to be living under a pretty big rock to not have heard about 4-H.  Am I right??  I, myself, am a result of 11 ...
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Hansen Land - Crop Insurance - Cover

Crop Insurance

Can You Make It Rain? What if someone said to you, “For $40,000, I could ensure that you have a guaranteed income this year.”  Would you take that deal?   What if someone said to you, “For $40,000, I could ensure ...
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Hansen Land - Modernized Grazing Rent Rates in Alberta - Cover

Modernized Grazing Rent Rates in Alberta

Here's an interesting fact: the tradition of leasing public lands for grazing dates back over a century, even before the province of Alberta itself was founded. To this day, a segment of publicly owned land continues to be leased out ...
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Hansen Land - Crop Planning in Tough Times - Cover

Crop Planning in Tough Times

“There’s always next year.” It’s a mantra you’ll hear in every small-town coffee shop or gathering place around the world. Farmers are eternal optimists.  They must be.  How else do you spend money you likely have to borrow, to put ...
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Hansen Land Brokers - CALVING - Cover


Calving is the culmination of an entire year of planning, feeding and careful breeding selections. The time of year where you sleep very little and work endlessly to nurture the new lives that arrive each day. It’s exciting to see ...
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Hansen Land - Thank You For An Amazing 2021 From Hansen Land Brokers - Cover

Thank You For An Amazing 2021 From Hansen Land Brokers

We’re closing the books on 2021, and what a year it’s been! Despite the challenges that the world has faced, Hansen Land Brokers has had a banner year. Our customer base is stronger than ever before and we’ve completed some ...
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An image of a road sign pointing to Alberta

Things To Do In Alberta This Fall & Winter

From festivals to outdoor adventures, there is always something exciting going on this time of year. To make sure that you don't miss out on any of the fun things to do in Alberta this fall and winter, we've put ...
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