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Land Lawyers

Hansen Land Brokers Inc. is a boutique land brokerage firm. Our project-oriented approach allows us to spend more time, effort, and resources on each individual property and client, giving us the best results possible.

30 Years of Experience

Working with lawyers, landowners & families on succession and estate planning involving land-based asset sales and settlements

In 1992, Shawn Hansen earned his realtor’s license and began working for Rural Properties Ltd. RPL was an agricultural real estate firm owned by the Highwood Livestock Market and Berrien Associates, an agricultural appraisal company. Within a short time, Shawn became the managing partner and broker for the company. He has since been a Land Broker in the agricultural, development, investment, and transitional land industry.

  • Shawn was awarded the prestigious Realtors® Land Institute’s APEX 2020 Top 20 National Producer as part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program for being one of the top LAND BROKERS in North America.  
  • In 2011 Shawn became the second Land Broker in Western Canada to receive the Accredited Land Consultant designation from the Realtors Land Institute, located in Chicago, Ill.
  • He is a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board, and the Alberta and Canadian Real Estate Associations as well as the National Association of Realtors.
  • He has been a member of the Auctioneers Association of Alberta since 1981, as well as the National Auctioneers Association.

Hansen Land Brokers Inc. is continually called in to consult with landowners, families, lawyers, etc. on estate planning and asset sales.

In particular, HLB specializes in the following land-based assets:

Hansen Land Brokers - Agricultural Land

Agricultural Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Development Land

Development Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Investment Land

Investment Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Transitional Land

Transitional Land

When property absolutely has to sell, we can get it sold in 90 days.
The “Auction Process” is a highly effective tool to liquidate land-based assets.

– Shawn Hansen

For almost 30 years Hansen Land Brokers continues to offer the Auction method to market all classes of land-based assets, a method of selling real estate that has seen an increasingly upward trend over the past number of years.

Auction doesn’t mean firesale, Willow Valley Ranch turned top values on the sale of this impressive ranch.

Examples Of Past Projects

Willow Valley Ranch

2651 Deeded acres and 320 leased acres of character land in a contiguous parcel making up a truly remarkable property. This land had been listed for sale with real estate agents for a couple of years before we met the seller and they elected to have an auction sale in July 2020. This was an epic event with a marketing campaign that spanned the entire country. There were 77 bidders that registered. In the end, all parcels were sold at prices above what many other local land had been selling for.

Grandview Stage

April of 2020, a foreclosure property that offered 9 rental cottages, an established restaurant, a general store with gas pumps, a private living area, and the Heritage House all situated on a 5-acre parcel located in a rural setting. The property was no longer in operation. Time was of the essence in selling to avoid deterioration and to get the best possible price. It was decided to hold an auction sale where our marketing targeted appropriate potential buyers and had 13 bidders register for the auction. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder completed a Purchase Contract which was then presented to the Court along with the impressive marketing efforts and results. It was accepted which resulted in another file being successfully completed for the law office associated with the lender.

Heritage Ranch

The developer had been holding onto this land for several years and wanted to move onto another project. They hired us to hold an auction sale listing 14 of their recreational properties for sale in August of 2021. The marketing reach of well over 1 million people having seen our advertising resulted in 80 bidders registering for the sale and every property selling.

Mr. Pope

Mr. Pope is a local man and lawyer. He owned a parcel of land that is strategically positioned just on the edge of High River. He had been trying to sell his land for several (approximately seven) years. He had all of the pertinent information assembled and he was making all of the right contacts, however had not succeeded in selling his quarter section. He decided to list his property with Hansen Land Brokers as a Private Treaty sale and within a couple of months we had a successful buyer that closed. This is an example of how getting a land broker can simplify the process and speed things along.

156 Acres (near Delacour, Alberta)

This was a Judicial Sale and offers were subject to the approval and acceptance by the Court This 156-acre property included a newly renovated – older home (1314.13 sq/ft) and multiple outbuildings (including a double garage, shop). Located a half-mile north of Delacour, AB this parcel is in a prime location for future agricultural endeavors. Plenty of storage and space made it a great rental property. There were 3 separate tenants that we dealt with that the law firm had not dealt with. We helped to navigate the complicated relationships in this situation and found the suitable buyer for this specialized property.

How We Are Able To Achieve Great Results?!

Our highly effective marketing plan (without giving away HOW we do it) shows some of the results we get through multiple different channels and platforms and our curated email list of qualified buyers.

See Just A Few Examples Of Why Working With Hansen Leads To Results!

Hansen Land Website Traffic

55.46% Growth in Organic Sessions

13.85% Growth in Average Session Duration

70.40% Growth in Page Views

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2,214.47 Conversions

694.34% Increase in Conversions

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21,150 Clicks On Targeted Campaigns

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Average CPC $0.40 (CAD)

36.51% Decrease Cost Per Click


What sets land lawyers apart from the average lawyer is their knowledge of state and local real estate laws. They help their clients with anything related to land, and they understand how to navigate the complex legal system when it comes to real estate transactions. They understand the intricacies of property transactions, zoning laws, environmental regulations, eminent domain, land condemnation, and other things. They can help you buy or sell a home, lease commercial property, or negotiate a construction loan. With a land lawyer on your side, you can be sure that your rights will be protected and that you’ll have the best chance possible to get the outcome you desire.

Land acquisition in Alberta generally follows a set procedure, though there may be some variation depending on the specifics of the case. The first step is for the potential buyer to conduct a title search on the property. This will reveal any claims or liens that may be registered against the land. Once any issues are resolved, the next step is to enter into an agreement of purchase and sale with the seller. A deposit is typically required at this time. The final step is to complete the purchase by transferring the title to the buyer. With the help of a land lawyer and land broker in Alberta, this entire process would be easier and faster.

Buying land in Alberta is a complex process, and there are a number of legal services you’ll need to take advantage of in order to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. You’ll need to have a lawyer draft the purchase agreement, as well as handle any necessary due diligence, both of which are important in ensuring that you understand your rights and responsibilities as the buyer. Other services that may be helpful include a survey of the property and an environmental assessment. If anything is unclear in the contract or if you have any other questions about buying land in Alberta, a land lawyer can answer your concerns and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

If you are looking to sell land in Alberta, there are a few legal services that you will need to take care of. The first is a title search. This will ensure that the person buying your land is actually getting the title to the property and that there are no outstanding claims against it. You will also need to have a land lawyer draw up a purchase agreement and a transfer of ownership document. These documents will protect both you and the buyer by outlining the terms of the sale. Finally, you will need to register the transfer of ownership with the Alberta Land Titles Office.

There are a lot of directories for Alberta attorneys that you can browse if you’re searching for a land lawyer to help with your real estate transactions. Some of the popular ones online are the Law Society of Alberta,, and Law Central Alberta. You can also work with a land broker who will connect you with a certified land lawyer. This is a better option because you won’t have to find a good land lawyer yourself, and the land broker would only assign you a lawyer with the exact expertise to assist you with your specific legal needs regarding a particular property.

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