When it comes to farm land for sale opportunities in Alberta, this listing ticks all the boxes. These lands are located just 30 minutes east of Calgary and 5 1/2 miles west of Carseland which is on CP Rail’s Calgary to Saskatoon rail line. The railway runs through the north portion of the adjoining land (in the same quarter section), adding to the appeal of this land for sale and buying land opportunities.

These 52 acres are zoned Industrial General District and are currently sitting as cultivated farm land. The purpose and intent of these lands are to provide for a broad range of industrial and compatible, secondary commercial uses that may have outside storage or activities. It truly is a prime farm land for sale opportunity in Alberta that makes buying land here an ideal investment when land for sale opportunities present themselves!

Below is a list of of the permitted and discretionary uses.

Permitted Uses

  • Accessory building/Structure
  • Agricultural Support Services
  • Agricultural Processing-Minor
  • Contractor Services
  • Essential Public Service
  • Light Industrial
  • Office
  • Recreation Vehicle Storage
  • Service Station
  • Sign (Advertising, Identification)
  • Solar Panel, Ground Mounted (Bylaw 2014-26)
  • Storage Yard Warehouse/Commercial Storage

Discretionary Uses

  • Agricultural Processing – Major
  • Animal Hospital and Shelter
  • Automotive Equipment and Vehicle Services
  • Composting Facility
  • Dwelling, Security
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Greenhouse
  • Hazardous Industry
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Licensed Medical Marihuana Production Facility (WH1ASP Lands only) (Bylaw 2014-13) Medium Industrial
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Salvage Yard
  • Secondary Commercial
  • Sign, Directional
  • Tower

Acres: 52.34 (+/-)

Wheatland County Land Use By-Law ( Industrial General: 8.6 pg.80 ): https://wheatlandcounty.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/LUB-2016-01-Approved-20200501-Amendments-new.pdf

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