The Rocky View County Glenbow Ranch ASP

Are you looking for the perfect ranch land for sale opportunity in Alberta? The Glenbow Ranch area is a spectacular landscape and a prime opportunity to buy land in the area.

The narrow plateau south of Highway 1A provides outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains and the dramatic transition of the rolling foothills into the prairie grasslands makes this ranch for sale in Alberta a breathtaking location. From the escarpment, a relatively undisturbed landscape of coulees, wetlands, and rough fescue grasses flows down terraced slopes to the Bow River. The area, situated between Calgary and Cochrane and isolated by Highway 1A, contains three small country residential communities situated on the plateau adjacent to Highway 1A. The primary land use activity in the Plan area is currently ranching.

In 2008, the Government of Alberta created Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park (Provincial Park), which operates as a working ranch and protects some, but not all, of this important landscape. This combination of landscape, the Provincial Park, and proximity to neighbouring centers provides the opportunity, and the challenge, of creating distinctive residential communities that embrace and successfully retain the natural values that are present within the Glenbow area. It makes buying land in this area an easy choice – especially if you are interested in ranch land for sale!

The ranch land for sale property for sale SE of Section 6, TWP 26 RGE 3 W5 is included in TDC Build Area B in the ASP, which will provide for 60 Residential lots on 85 acres, leaving 60 acres for Conservation Area and Transfer Development Credits. It offers an exceptional opportunity to acquire ranch land in Alberta and buying land in a fertile area with many possibilities.

If you are looking for prime ranch land for sale in Alberta, this property will not disappoint. For more information on ranches for sale, call Shawn Hansen (403) 540 9659 or Wyatt Hansen (403) 336 4300

Acres: 157.52 (+/-)

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