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Southern Alberta is home to one of the most stunning hidden gems in Canada – Rocky View County. This rural municipality, also known as a municipal district, has all you could ever ask for when looking to purchase land. Natural landscapes, an array of recreational activities, and diverse communities make Rocky View County an ideal place to live and own property.

Why Buy Land For Sale In Rocky View County


Want rural living with urban amenities close by? Rocky View County is located only a few minutes from Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, and home to many outdoor festivals, world-class shopping, and other cultural activities. Not having to sacrifice access to these modern conveniences makes this municipality an attractive option for those seeking a rural lifestyle.
Aerial view of a modern suburban neighborhood featuring a central green park with walking paths and playground, surrounded by newly constructed homes.
2021 Cattles and Calves 126,545 (number of)
5.13% 5 Year Change
2021 Pigs 23,190 (number of)
-38.0% 6 Year Change
2021 Cropland 512,091 (number of)
3.87% 5 Year Change
2021 Number of Farms 1,142
0.62% 6 Year Change

Agricultural Community

Pursuing a farming lifestyle? You’ll find several possibilities in Rocky View County. With a growing agricultural community, you’ll have access to affordable land prices, diverse farming opportunities and support from local rural networks.

Abundant Resources From Agricultural Services to Grants

Beyond just opportunities, Rocky View County firmly believes in the long-term sustainability of its agriculture industry. Here are several key resources designed to support agricultural producers in sustaining and improving their operations:
Made available to all county residents, this incentive program affords funding to offset costs associated with projects that yield environmental benefits.
The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program helps landowners improve their properties in environmentally beneficial ways. It supports projects that conserve soil, enhance water quality, and increase biodiversity.
While the EFP is not specific to Rocky View County, the local Agricultural Services team is committed to aiding producers with advice and assistance throughout the application process.

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Rocky View County

Ready to start your search for the perfect piece of land in this picturesque municipality? Hansen Land is the go-to resource for buying land, ranches, and acreages in Rocky View County. We have a wide selection of listings to choose from, ranging from small hobby farms to expansive ranches.

How Can Hansen Land Brokers Help You?

Here, we don’t just find you land in Rocky View County; we help you discover your dream property. 
Two farmers in white hats inspect crops in a lush green field, with one pointing ahead and the other holding a tablet, surrounded by dense foliage.

Personalized Consultations

Two farmers in casual work attire discuss plans while one holds a clipboard with documents, standing outdoors near farming equipment under bright sunlight.

Access To Exclusive Listings

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Expert Insights Into The Local Market

At Hansen Land Brokers,
We Bring 3 Decades Of Expertise To The Table

Here’s Why You Should Consider The Trusted Land Broker In Canada

Explore a diverse range of options tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re envisioning a sprawling estate, a working farm, a development project, or a strategic investment, Hansen Land Brokers is your gateway to a portfolio of exceptional land opportunities

Unlock Your Land’s Potential

Our decades of expertise ensure that your investment achieves its maximum potential.

Expertise at Your Service

Trust in our wealth of experience to navigate the complexities of the Rocky View County real estate market.

Dedicated Team for a Smooth Experience

Expect a smooth and rewarding experience as we work tirelessly to turn your land ownership dreams into reality.

The Trusted Advisors For Land For Sale In Rocky View County

From understanding local regulations to negotiating the best deals, Hansen Land Brokers serves as your trusted advisors in the Rocky View County real estate market.

Types of Land We Buy And Sell

Explore a diverse range of options tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re envisioning a sprawling estate, a working farm, a development project, or a strategic investment, Hansen Land Brokers is your gateway to a portfolio of exceptional land opportunities



Spacious plots of land typically measured in acres, ideal for those seeking a large, private property or rural lifestyle.

Farmland & Ranches

Farmland & Ranches

Land suitable for agricultural purposes or livestock farming, ranging from small farms to expansive ranches with vast grazing areas.

Development Land

Development Land

Parcels of land designated for construction and development, often suitable for residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects.

Investment Properties

Investment Properties

Land with the potential for financial growth, whether through appreciation, rental income, or future development. Considered strategic for investors seeking returns.

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    Connor Dixon
    Highly skilled team and a pleasure to work with. If you are considering purchasing or selling an agricultural parcel or a ranch in Alberta you need look no further. The knowledge and experience of Hansen Land Brokers is next to none.
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    Dustin Michel
    Hansen Land Brokers did an amazing job at marketing and selling our properties. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to sell any real estate.
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    Luke Ratzlaff
    As a lawyer I consider it a pleasure to work with the experienced and knowledgeable team at Hansen Land Brokers Inc. Contracts are well negotiated and drafted. When unexpected issues do arise in a transaction, the Hansen team goes above and beyond in helping find solutions.
    Ken Hayes
    Ken Hayes
    Thanks to Hansen Land our lovely mountain view land near Millarville was given very good exposure and description on their website and was sold at market value very quickly and efficiently.
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    Rob Bergevin
    We had the opportunity to work with Wyatt, he was amazing! Very thorough and organized as well as very willing to help how ever he could. We highly recommend this organization for all your real estate needs. Thank you Wyatt! Great job!
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    Cheri Long
    Shawn and the team at Hansen Land Brokers provide exceptional service.
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    Karen Jones
    Hansen Land Brokers were awesome to work with and did a fabulous job.

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