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Buy Land In Alberta

Buy Land in Alberta With the Help of Hansen Land Brokers

From its natural resources to its fertile soil, Alberta has a lot to offer investors who are looking to purchase land. So if you’re ready to start your search, Hansen Land Brokers is here to help you find the perfect property.

As Alberta’s original land broker, Hansen Land Brokers has been Alberta’s local land expert for nearly 30 years. Let our team of Alberta land specialists help you with your next purchase.

Alberta – A Great Place to Invest in Land

What makes Alberta such a great place to invest in land? Here are just a few reasons to buy land in Alberta:

It's an ideal location for those looking to invest in agriculture-related businesses.

Alberta holds the title of the country’s largest cattle producer, and is also a hub for meat and poultry processing.

The province is rich in natural resources.

Alberta is the largest producer of oil in the country, and has a wealth of other natural resources that are in high demand.

Alberta's land market is very diverse.

Alberta offers everything from development land to rural acreages and farms. Whatever your needs, Hansen Land Brokers can help you find the perfect property.

Land Investment Categories To Choose From

Here at Hansen Land Brokers, we specialize in a wide variety of land types, including: 

Hansen Land Brokers - Agricultural Land

Agricultural Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Development Land

Development Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Investment Land

Investment Land

Hansen Land Brokers - Transitional Land

Transitional Land

Since buying a piece of land requires specialized knowledge and skills, it’s important that you make proper consultations with our experienced land broker. We can be your partner in simplifying the whole process and ensuring that you achieve your goals.

What to Consider When You Buy Land in Alberta?


To make a well-informed decision regarding your purchase of land in Alberta, you should consider the crucial factors at play. As part of our customer service, we invest in educating our clients about this major undertaking. So, don’t forget about these things as you look for the best property in Alberta: 

  • Zoning Laws:- There are zoning laws that affect several regions in Alberta that have been marked for future development projects. It is important to be aware of any zoning laws that affect the land you want to buy.
  • Budget:- Consider your budget when you plan to buy land in Alberta. Your ideal location and size of land should also be considered and be based on the budget factor. We are familiar with the whole province of Alberta and will guide you on prime locations that fall within your budget. 
  • Environmental Reserves:- Some lands in Alberta have been set aside as environmental reserves. Environmental reserves such as areas near bodies of water are not to be touched in any way. You cannot erect a building or cut down trees from these areas as the aim is to protect them from pollution and human destruction. If you buy property near a reserve, you need to know how this may affect your development plans.
  • Property Evaluation:- It is advisable to get the services of a reliable land broker to do a thorough inspection of the property so that you can be fully aware of the present status and cost. This evaluation is a systematic approach to comparing similar land parcels that have transacted within a reasonable distance and time frame. A land broker will arrive at their assessed market value as they take into account elements such as location, potential use, improvement values, adverse factors, environmental considerations, and access.
  • Legal Processes:- Buying land in Alberta, just like in any other place, will involve laws. Having a trustworthy agent like us on your side will make the entire process smooth. Hansen Land Brokers will guide you on the legal documents you have to sign and direct you to pertinent experts to determine your best strategy regarding the parcel you are about to purchase.

Work With the Hansen Team for Your Alberta Land Purchase

Working with an experienced land broker is a strategic move that can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. With nearly 30 years of experience, the team at Hansen Land Brokers has the expertise and local knowledge to help you buy or sell land in Alberta.

We can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have – from finding the right property to negotiating the best possible price. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your Alberta land transaction.

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Buy Land In Alberta

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    152.44 (+/-) Acre Farm In Foothills County

    , Alberta Canada


    152.44 (+/-) acre farm located just a short 15 minute drive east of High River,  South off of highway 23 near Frank Lake. There…

      Lot Size152.44 Acres
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    Online Judicial Auction -july 11th, 2023 -airport Hangar Lease Interest

    Villeneuve, Alberta Canada

    Opening Bid $100,000

    FOR SALE BY AUCTION Online Judicial Auction – July 11th, 2023 Villeneuve Airport Hangar/Industrial Building located on 10(+/-) acres of leased land in Sturgeon…

      Lot Size10 Acres
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    Investment and Development Land
    Commercial Building 309-1st Street West

    High River, Alberta T1V1P7 Canada


    Highly sought after downtown commercial office building in the center of High River, Located across the street from the High River museum and the famous…

    • Sq Ft10,500
  • For Sale Investment & Development Land
    2.32 Acres In The Town Of Carstairs

    , Alberta Canada


    2.32 Acres ready for development in the Town of Carstairs. Prime location sitting on the corner of 10th Ave and Lackner Way, centrally located…

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    656+ Acres At Eagle Lake

    , Alberta Canada


    Sitting just east of the city of Calgary is this 656.33 Acres (+/-) parcel, contiguous in 5 quarters. The lands sit just to the…

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    Lazy River Rv Resort-35 Year Lease

    , Alberta Canada

    OPENING BID $39,000

    FOR SALE BY AUCTION Online Auction Date: August 15th, 2023 Opening Bid $39,000.00 Welcome to Lazy River RV Resort with fully serviced sites sitting…

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    114.39 +/- Development Acres On The Edge Of Blackfalds, Ab

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    Hansen Land Brokers - Camrose County - Cover
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How do I purchase land in Alberta?

To buy land in Alberta, you must understand the process and the steps involved. This includes the zoning restrictions, the land mortgage pre-qualification requirements, and the registration process.

First, you need to start with a realistic estimation of your financial situation. Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is a good way to start the process. When pre-qualified for a mortgage, you will get an estimate of how much you can borrow. Although approval for the full amount is not guaranteed, it will give you a better idea of the size and cost of the land you can buy.

Then, you need to find the perfect piece of land. You’ll want to consider things like size, location, and price when making your decision. It is also essential to research the zoning restrictions in the area you are interested in. Zoning restrictions can impact the type of development that can take place on the land. For example, some areas may be zoned for agricultural use only, while others may be zoned for commercial or residential development.

Once you have found the perfect piece of land, the next step is to write up an offer to purchase for the buyer. This document will outline the terms of your proposal, including the purchase price and any conditions that must be met. A land broker can assist you in drafting this document and negotiating.

Purchasing land in Alberta involves processes, but understanding the steps involved will help make it a smooth and successful transaction

What are the requirements when purchasing a property in Alberta?

When purchasing property in Alberta there are a few key requirements that must be met in order to ensure a smooth transaction. Your mortgage must be pre-qualified as proof of your financial ability to purchase the land. You will also need to submit a written offer to purchase the land, which will be reviewed and negotiated by the seller. In addition, all buyers are required to register their purchase with the Alberta Land Titles Office. This is to ensure that the title of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

How much does an acre of land cost in Alberta?

Based on Statistics Canada data, Alberta farmland now sells for an average $3,012 per acre.

Can you lease crown land in Alberta?

Yes. Leasing Crown land in Alberta is a possibility that allows cattle ranchers to be respectful stewards of the land while they utilize it for their herds. There are many stipulations regarding land use and water rights that are part of these leases. As a lessee, you would be granted the right to use the land for a specific purpose, usually agricultural, commercial, or recreational.

Is it a good investment to buy land in Alberta?

In general buying land in Alberta is seen as a good investment. It’s a valuable commodity, and the appreciation rate for land in the province has been outpacing inflation in recent years.

But as with any investment, there are risks involved. To mitigate these risks, it’s important to do your homework before buying land in Alberta. One is to understand the current market value of the land – you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Another is future development in the area – if the area is growing, that’s a good sign for your investment. Finally, it’s important to check zoning laws and make sure that the type of development you have planned is allowed. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help you make the best decision for your investment.

Can foreigners buy land in Alberta?

Yes, up to two parcels of controlled land with a combined size of no more than 20 acres may be owned or beneficially owned by foreign nationals and foreign-controlled corporations.

What kind of land is available in Alberta?

There is a wide variety of land available for purchase in Alberta. This includes everything from rural acreages to undeveloped land in urban areas.

Rural land is typically used for agricultural purposes, such as farming or ranching. This type of land is often less expensive than other types of land, but it may be more difficult to develop. It can be further classified as either raw land or vacant land. Raw land is land that has not been developed, while vacant land already has some sort of development on it, such as electrical hookups or available infrastructure.

Urban land is typically located in or near city limits and can be used for commercial or residential development. This type of land is usually more expensive than rural land, but it can offer a higher return on investment due to its location and development potential.

Crown land is land that is owned by the government and is available for public use. This type of land is typically used for recreation, such as camping or hiking. It may also be leased for commercial purposes, such as farming or ranching.