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Investment Land For Sale in Alberta

Just as with residential or commercial investing, investment land for sale in Alberta can result in anything from passive income to large profits, depending on the land purchased and your intent for it. Just ask any land broker: Some investors make a land purchase of Farms And Ranches For Sale In Alberta with the plan to run a land-based business venture, while others simply want to hold the land as a passive investment for future trading or wealth. Whether you are looking for high returns or the right piece of land to supplement your income, Alberta Grazing Land For Sale, Bare Land For Sale in Rockyview, or Development Land For Sale in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. 

Hansen Land Brokers - Buy Land In Alberta

Buying Land In Alberta

The value of property in Alberta is rising (including land), and because of this, there’s never been a better time to make a move. Before you Buy land in Alberta, it is imperative to have a plan for your piece of land. Do you plan on operating a ranch, put up a commercial building or build a country home? Are you buying for future investment purposes? Whatever your plan is, let it be the guideline you use to select land. 

Owning land has got to be a right of passage. It is considered a great investment as it is a tangible asset that appreciates with time. Investment land falls into several categories:

  • Residential development land in Alberta
  • Development Land For Sale
  • Cropland 
  • Ranchland 
  • Timberland
  • Mineral production land
  • Vegetable farmland
  • Recreational land

The process of purchasing investment land may be daunting with the numerous documentation and consultations. This may easily overwhelm you, but with Hansen Land Brokers as your partner in the process, you will go through the acquisition process smoothly.

Factors To Consider When You Want To Buy Land in Alberta

Zoning Laws

There are zoning laws that affect several regions in Alberta that have been marked for future development projects. It is important to be aware of any zoning laws that affect the land you want to buy. It can be a loss to invest in a vast piece of land, only to not use it in the way you had envisioned due to zoning laws. 


Consider your budget when you plan to Buy land in Alberta. Your ideal location and size of land should also be considered and be based on the budget factor. We are familiar with the whole province of Alberta and will guide you on prime locations that fall within your budget. 

Environmental Reserves

Some land In Alberta has been set aside as an environmental reserve. Environmental reserves such as areas near bodies of water are not to be touched in any way. You cannot erect a building or cut down trees from these areas as the aim is to make them accessible to the public and protect them from pollution and human destruction. If you buy property near a reserve, you need to know how this may affect your development plans. 

Property Evaluation

It is advisable to get the services of a reliable land broker to do a thorough inspection of the property so that you can be fully aware of the present status and cost. This evaluation is a systematic approach to comparing similar land parcels that have transacted within a reasonable distance and time frame. A land broker will arrive at their assessed market value as they take into account elements such as location, potential use, improvement values, adverse factors, environmental considerations, access

Legal Processes

Buying land in Alberta, just like in any other place, will involve laws. Having a trustworthy agent like us on your side will make the entire process smooth. Hansen Land Brokers will guide you on the legal documents you have to sign and direct you to pertinent experts to determine your best strategy regarding the parcel you are about to purchase. A Land Broker may work together with a property lawyer to ensure document requirements and regulations have been considered to avoid future issues with the legal obligations and enforcement. 


Finalizing The Purchase Process

When you are near the end of the acquisition process to buy land in Alberta, you will sit down with your lawyer of choice regarding the closing documents for transferring the title of the property into your name. You will want to take care in looking over the survey as well as the Title to ensure you are familiar with the boundaries of the property and how that may affect any improvements, as well as any registrations or caveats on the title. 


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If you are pleased with the parcel of land, the next step will be to make a financial transaction. Whichever payment method you agree on, make sure you are ready with your financing options to prevent transaction delays.

Ask questions and seek clarifications on documents or any step of the process that is not clear to you. Our specialized team is friendly and professional enough to explain all the terms to you and guide you through the purchase agreement, handover documents, and legal contracts that need to be signed. 


Purchasing Land As A Non-Resident

As a Canadian, you face no restriction if you want to buy land in Alberta. Foreigners are also welcomed to buy property but certain restrictions are placed on the size and in other cases location. However, you can reach out to us to advise you on the current limitations as well as guide you on how to obtain relevant exemptions. As a non-resident landowner, you will be obligated to document annual reports as required by Canada Revenue Agency.


To maximize your investment decision, you need to get land that will serve the plans you have. To do that, you need to be fully aware of all the laws and environmental issues that may impact your land. We are specialized in land use and familiar with the various counties within Alberta. Buying land in Alberta is an intelligent investment move you can make. Property is appreciating fast, and it will be worth the investment in the long run. Secure your land in Alberta by getting in touch with us today.

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